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Bob Koelle's Coin Pages is my attempt to master the art of overkill in organization, and to connect with other coin collectors throughout the e-universe. It's also very handy having this information online, so I can access it from anywhere. Finding and acquiring new coins and notes is the thrill of the hobby. But like others, I find the organization and cataloging of my collection to be almost as satisfying. This website is the latest manifestation of that drive. My spreadsheets and other documents needed a public place to reside.

This is all a mild form of insanity, of course. Admitting it is half the battle to controlling it. Collectors of anything live to broaden or deepen their accumulations. The trick is recognize where to place limitations. I'll never touch stamp collecting, for instance. With all the varieties available to philatelists, that way lies madness.

The beginning of the collection started with coins that my father-in-law brought back from his travels around the world, attending physics conferences. I started collecting in earnest around 1996, starting with local dealers, then stretching out to the internet. Here is a link to my favorite dealers and traders.

My banknote collection started with some cheap starter kits from on-line dealers, and the worldwide notes do not have much in the way of depth. You might recognize several of these type of notes - you still see them all the time on E-Bay. The US notes are of greater value, particularly the 1896 "Educational" $1 silver certificate pictured above. While I don't collect for investment purposes, that particular note would easily sell for six times what I paid for it in 1997. This is a wild business.

The duplicates page has a list of coins that I am offering for trade. I may also list some others on E-Bay. You can find my sales here

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